ministriesMinistries of Our Church…

Youth Ministries:

  •       Master’s Club
  •      “Rising to the Occasion” Youth Meetings (1 Main and 3 Quarterly)
  •      “Truth for Youth” Community Outreach
  •       “Youth Sundays” (all day every 5th Sunday)
  •        Youth Choir
  •        Youth Camp
  •        Bible Schools
  •        Home School Support Ministry


Senior Ministries:

  •        Nursing home
  •        In home visits and helps


Evangelistic Ministries:

  •         Tent Ministry
  •        “Memorial Day Meeting in the Mountains!” (in May each year)
  •        “Bibleway Baptist Tent Meeting” (2nd week of August each year)
  •        “Thanksgiving Jubilee” (Thursday and Friday before Thanksgiving each year)
  •          Drama Ministry (plays written and performed periodically each year)
  •         “Pro-Israel” Rallies
  •          Missions Conferences
  •        “Operation Saturation!” (a House-to-house/Street-by-street” visitation and Gospel Tract Ministry in our town and surrounding area)